A Moment To Explain The Important Things In Life

My mom and dad are so important to my life. Without them I probably wouldn’t have wrote all these things in my blog. My dad always makes me strive to be like him. He is such an amazingly fun and hard working person. And so is your dad too. If you don’t have a dad than I am truly sorry. If your dad is in the military than when he comes back give him a big hug and be as loving as possible. My mom is an amazingly hard working person that helps us all. I can’t imagine what my life would be without her. If you don’t have a mom I am very sorry. I hope that you don’t let it severely effect your life. My mom is the reason I still like to live. She makes my life complete. My sister is a great joy to all of our lives. She is so fun and enthusiastic. She makes my world go round. These people are why I choose to live. I hope that you get as much enjoyment and happiness as I do with my family.