The Stranded People (A Story)

Once upon a time a family was in a plane having a nice snack, when suddenly a cloud appeared. It was really black! Then a lightning bolt struck the plane!

They fell to an island.

The family survived, with one other family There were very few resources on this island but it was better than drowning!

They started gathering resources. By the time the rain stopped, the resources to build a camp had been brought back to the people that stayed where the camp was.

And yes, these people had names. The 2 boys names were Benny and Bengy. Womens’ names were Alana and Halanna. The two men’s names were Rolly and Carl. The girls’ names were Honey and Polly.

They built some weapons for food, a fire, and a few tents. By that time it was night so they slept.

In the morning they were attacked by a pack of wolves!

And no, people don’t die in this story. Well, the boys attacked the wolves while the men were getting their weapons.

Bengy threw a stick from the fire straight into the wolf’s left foot, that lighted a match going to the other dogs foot! Both wolves were killed.

Benny said, “Two down, four to go!”

Then the men came back, killing two wolves.

Bengy said, while he and benny got a flamethrower, “Four down, two to go!”

Then they noticed a wolf dangerously close to a girl, Polly.

Bengy flamed it and said,  “You’re welcome, my lady,” bowing down to Polly.

Polly said, “Thank you, my white knight!” Yes, they secretly had a relationship.

It was nice to know that they got some armor, only light armor, and some food.

And then from the skies came a plane.

They shot at it, telling them “We need help!”

The pilot immediately flew down to help them, and then they flew into a rock which damaged the plane.

The pilot said, “Why did you shoot at us?”

Bengy said, “To get your attention so you can save us!”

The soldier replied,  “You guys got stuck on this island?”


The pilot said, “We have enough room for everybody!”

So they got on. The pilot tried to start it up, but it was hurt.

The pilot said, “It will need some mined iron.”

Benny replied “I know where iron is! While Bengy was flaming the last wolf there I looked in the jungle and found a bunch of iron!”

“Great!” replied the pilot. “Oh, if you don’t know what happened with the last wolf, it ran away.

They made some picks and started mining and got in. The pilot said, “Great, now patch it in.”

“Sir yes sir!” said Benny, putting it back.

The pilot said, “See ya suckers!”

But they actually were in. The pilot didn’t notice as he flew to the same state they live in.

They live next to the other family in the apartment building. They were finally home!

The End.


3 thoughts on “The Stranded People (A Story)

  1. Interesting story! I like when Bengy says “You’re welcome, my lady” and bows to Polly. And she replies, “Thank you, my white knight!” I always like to see such courteous behavior.

  2. “And no, people don’t die in this story.” I was glad when I got to this part. I liked it when you talked to your readers. So many stories so dark and distant. This was fun to read!

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