The Challenge Building

Once three people had came across a challenge building! There they made challenges for three people.

So the three people came in and asked to compete.

They said yes and said it was free.

So the first challenge was to write a poem about a fish.

The boy won because he always had lots of ideas about fish poems.

Second was a story and the dad won easily! Because it was a dragon based story.

He was good at those.

And third challenge was a computer challenge where someone had to fix a computer faster then the others.

Mom won because thats how challanges go there, weird.

And last challenge was to run faster then the others.

Zoooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!! went the boy and of course he won because challenges are stupidly easy because you dont get much out of it.

And the boy won 80 million dollars!

Of course there were better prizes in other challenge buildings and the boy got what he wanted: credits.

If you dont want to see the extra stuff then stop reading!

The boy’s name was Ian, my name. The mom’s name was Mila and the dad’s name was Tarter because his mom and dad were stupid.

The boy won because he got a fast speed shoes because the guy was tired of them.

And the boy did share with his mom and dad.

And the prize men wept because it was their money that they used.


6 thoughts on “The Challenge Building

  1. I love the last sentence. The image of the prize men weeping is so funny. Why should they weep if they put the prize money up for the challenge in the first place? Maybe they thought no one would win.

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