The Falling Pebble

For once of a life I had a pebble fall on my head
for only I had seen it.
In another life I was a grown up man doing what I would do.
In my other life I wondered how it bumped me nor did I know.
But in another life I was a boy nor did I have anything to do.
But for the first time forever the three lives joined together!
Nor did I do it nor did I know how it was done.

And finally I knew for I have waited for three lives for this.
And I have now one life nor do I know of this for I knew nothing.


5 thoughts on “The Falling Pebble

  1. Very wise to say, “Nor did I do it nor did I know how it was done.” I’m thinking how that approach might make me wiser too, especially when it comes to making poems.

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