A Real Life Beauty Tale (short and partly not true)

Once upon a time there was a family. That family was a very happy family.

One day the mom felt her tummy hurt. She started to scream, “HELP, HELP, I NEED HELP!!!!!”

The boy and the dad (the only others) came to the rescue, and Dad said, “what is it?”

“My stomach! It really hurts and I need help!”

The dad is an expert at what is happening if someone’s stomach hurts. (That’s why he works at the stomach center.) “I’d say you’re having a… I got it, a baby!”


“Yes, yes, a baby.”

“Ow, it hurts! Get me to the hospital! Now!!!!!!”

“Okay son, we are going to the hospital!”

The son said sadly, “But I may get a disease, dad.”

But Mom screamed, “Now, get me there now! Ooowwww!”

The son said, “Never mind.”

So for an hour the son was being babysitted by a member of the other Roberts family. So finally, the son’s terror was over (because of a certain jelly sandwich incident.) The dad and the mom came back with the most beautiful thing ever known to their kind: a baby girl! And she was learning quick!

Next year she easily learned to crawl and walk in the same year when she was one! She also learned how to speak a few words.

The End (hope you enjoyed!)


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