Sea Creatures With Shells

These are limpets. limpets make their homes on rocks.

They have something called a foot (It is not actually a real foot).

They stick to their home. No matter how far they travel

they always find their original home. Here is the amazing part,

They always stick to the exact same part of their rock no matter what.

This is the olive mollusk. the olive mollusk also has a foot.

The olive mollusk buries itself under the sand and uses it’s

siphon (a small pipe) and grabs little bits of food.

The olive mollusk is very beautiful but it is more pretty with

the creature inside then nothing in it.

This is the pecten. The pecten moves very fast.

the knights of old times weared something like a pecten coming back from a crusade.

The things coming out of it’s side are called “ears” sometimes they have one “ear”.


This is a mussel. the mussel likes being in big waves. It is sent out early in it’s life to fend for itself it has an instinct to make it’s home on rocks and stays there usually for life. It fastens itself on the rock before the waves wash it away.

This is a piddock. The piddock carves his home into very hard rocks.

No one knows how the piddock carves it’s home in such hard rocks even scientists

The piddock has a foot too. The piddock has a siphon and crabs try to cut the siphon.

This is the cowry. The cowry hides from everything. The cowry has one of the most beautiful shells ever. Cowries have a smooth round shell that curves to an opening.

The people in fiji islands value them highly and would rather have one then a nickel.

The people in fiji islands think the sounds of the seas are imprisoned in the shells so they put the shells next to their ears to listen.

These facts are found in a red cover book called sea shells.

No one in our family is responsible for these pictures. I’m sorry for any mistakes in my writing.


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