Jon The Brave


Once upon a 2017 there was a Siberian Husky. This husky was a perfectly good strong husky and his name was Jon.

One day his owner, Hans, took him on a walk. And after a bit of walking, Jon started to feel tired. After resting, his owner was far down the trail. Jon started to walk back to Hans when he saw a squirrel. He could not resist his temptations and ran after it.

The next thing he knew, he was in the middle of the forest, and all he could hear was the birds, the wind and other wildlife. For the first time in a very long time he felt insecure.

He managed to find his master’s scent and followed it back to the trail. Jon found the trail Hans was on but by sheer coincidence it started to rain. Jon was scared and looked for a place he could rest.

He woke up in a hole in a big tree after the storm was gone.

Hans did look for Jon, but the hole was facing the opposite side of the road and Hans did not see it.

Now Jon was on the path and, thinking which side to go, he remembered similar things on the path to Hans. Because he forgot that Hans was walking the other way, and because the rain washed away the scent, he chose the wrong path.

So he walked and walked. He was determined to find his master. Suddenly, he felt hungry.

Jon looked for food and found wild blueberries when he was strolling off the path and ate them very fast. They were not enough so he went to the other side of the path and, when looking very far away from the path he found some wild strawberries, he gobbled all the strawberries as fast as he could and went back to the path.

It was as sure as the sky he was lost and scared. He did not have a collar and that was very bad.

Now Jon was walking on the trail feeling a little thirsty and he wandered over to a nearby stream to drink but… What was that?


Hearing a rustling among leaves around him, Jon went into battle stance and waited for the opponent to show his face. It was a wolf!

The wolf lashed at Jon and scratched him, and Jon lashed back and hit the wolf at a weak spot from an earlier battle. The wolf was too hurt to fight on and ran away.

Jon now finally drank from the stream and continued his journey to Hans.

Now, Jon was walking and trying to find his master when he smelled something familiar, could it be him? Never mind, it’s just trash. But how did someone travel all the way here just to litter? Then suddenly he found himself coming into the city!

Emotions of both joy and confusion came through him. How was a wolf living next to the city?

Jon finally understood that wolf wasn’t a wolf; it was a stray! It all came together: the wolf, the trail, (which was just a passage to their true destination), and everything!

And now he can find Hans! But there was just one little problem, the city is hard to go through for a supposed stray. There is animal control, the chance of getting completely lost, the horrible people in the streets (No offense this is fiction), and so much more. How will he do it?


The dog started his perilous journey through the city. His wound throbbed with pain. He was tired and needed to sleep but he trekked on.

Jon was very resilient and could push harder than most dogs, but even he needed a rest every now and then, and it was getting dark, so Jon decided to camp out behind a huge tree. He found a hole big enough, with the help of the roots of the tree, to completely camouflage him for the night.

When he awoke the world looked different and new, though he smelled it and it smelled perfectly normal. He got up from under the tree and continued his journey.

And now, possibly the most dangerous part of this story, Animal Control was on its daily routine through the city. Jon could smell it. He needed to hide but where?

Jon was panicking but just then luck hit him again (this time good luck.) He found a culvert under the road and crawled inside it. Animal Control ran right past him without noticing.

If it weren’t for luck itself he would have been caught.

After Animal Control  drove past him, his tummy rumbled. Just then, he smelled shrimp and steak, and he saw a BBQ. He knew that it might be his only chance to eat and he took it.

He crawled out of the culvert and started towards the BBQ. He knew he had to be stealthy, but luck had his back. The man making the barbecue went inside for something. Jon quickly snatched half the steak and a bunch of shrimp.

After a meaty meal, he was walking again towards where he knew his masters home to be, when he looked to the left and saw a picture of himself!

The picture was a flyer of Jon. Hans had put it up so someone could find Jon and return him. But Jon didn’t know that. He didn’t even know why he was on a piece of paper.

Jon knew he couldn’t stay for long, lest somebody catch him so he continued his walk and fought on.

Unexpectedly, he heard a shout and saw three boys chasing after him. Jon ran; he ran for everything he was worth. After running for a while, he noticed the boys had stopped chasing him and he was safe.

After the incident with the boys, Jon saw something familiar. He had found his neighborhood, 11 Odd Lane! (What an “odd” lane!)


Jon was so happy, he jumped up and down and up and down and ran straight into the neighborhood.

The place looked the same but it had different people, Jon paid no attention to any of this, and kept running.

After 1 hour of running furiously, Jon was really tired and collapsed on the sidewalk, panting for breath.

Poor Jon. It was a suburb. He was just a dog and didn’t know that all suburbs look alike. His home, this neighborhood, how could anyone tell the difference? He felt devastated, feeling that he might never get home!

He got up very wearily and walked out of the suburb, and continued to walk until he found a nice resting place and slept.

When he awoke he felt that everything was renewed except for his spirit, and determination. He walked and walked just because. There is no hope, he thought, why do I try? Is there a reason? If so, I want to find out what that reason is.

Just then, luck struck him with a blade. Jon hit a man by accident next to his dog flyer. the man said, “hello, who are you?” The man looked at the flyer and said, “I’m taking you home.”

Those words struck his brain like a stone to his side. Jon jumped into the man’s arms as he took Jon home.

Next Jon knew, he was home. Hans saw him waking up and hugged Jon harder than an asteroid, and Jon returned the hug just as hard!

The End.


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