Helo, The Incredible Short Story

There is a man and his name is Pro Chief. He uses his potato rifle to shoot down the Together. The together is made up of Unggot, Kig Yop, Sungheili, Hearinggok, and Sunshyuum.

Now Pro Chief is about to face his biggest challenge, destroying the Helo ring.

Its filled with Together, and The deluge. The Deluge is endless and is hard for Pro Chief but the potato rifle and the shootgun get the job done.

Pro Chief is walking with 345 Nonguilty Spark, when the Deluge suddenly comes out of nowhere! it is only small Deluges and Pro Chief uses his potato rifle to shoot The Deluge into flakes.

As 345 Nonguilty Spark now leaves through the tunnel, Pro Chief is fighting more Deluge when he notices that some Deluge was once human! As Pro Chief gets a small glimpse of the human-Deluge, he sees the horror that has been forever frozen on his face.

More determined than ever, Pro Chief fights through the Together now and gets a Bannershee. Then he flies to the power sources to disable them to buy Pro Chief and Cordtana some time. Then he finally gets to the column of fall.

He fights through Together and Deluge alike to blow the ship and all of Helo. Then, the timer starts. Pro chief must get a Warts On A Hog and drive past enemys to get to the plane and get away from Helo. That is exactly what he does. 345 Nonguilty Spark lives through the explosion of Helo and becomes an enemy to Pro Chief and will come again.

The freaking end.


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